Emma McDaniel began her dance training at North Harris Performing Arts (NHPA) in 2005 and remained at the studio through her senior year . Receiving instruction in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and modern dance by various instructors/choreographers including; Ken McCullough, Amy Cain, Dawn Dippel, Alison Stanley, Jessica Thayer, Jane Thayer and Matt Dippel, Emma would like to credit each one of these individuals for being role models to her, not only in dance but in life as well. They taught her determination, discipline, courage, strength, respect, and confidence and showed her what it means to display those traits inside and outside of the art. Along with her basic training, Emma was a member of the NHPA Dance Company where she was able to attend numerous dance competitions in which she was repeatedly recognized as a top performer.  Her membership in the Company also granted her with the opportunities of performing in dance benefits, such as Dancers Against Cancer, and Dance the Dream Houston.  To further her dance training, Emma received instruction from world-renowned instructors at The Edge and the Sweat Spot in Los Angeles, California, as well as Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway in New York.  At the age of 11, Emma started assisting classes of various ages at NHPA and ultimately began teaching her own classes as well.  Emma has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Sam Houston State University, and teaches in Klein ISD school system. She hopes to inspire others in the same way that she was inspired throughout her dance training.

Emma McDaniel

Studio and Company Instructor